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THE INTL. 2 Year Anniversary: NTS Live from Seoul

  • 19.07.19
  • HIT : 830

NTS broadcasts live from our 2 year anniversary pop-up at Heights. in Seoul. Photos by 40jin

Closet Yi is a DJ, producer and one half of the lady duo C'est Qui.

Selections courtesy of local selector and producer, Seiryun.

Co-Owner of Clique Records and running both Daehan Electronics and Braindance Records. Whilst usually going across genres, this mix is rather straight forward with some dubbed out minimal techno to more colourful cuts. Tracks that make you wanna stay out late.

Seoul based, Seesea plays a type of hardcore, bass and techno music called comprised of techno, acid, Korean trot, gabber, mental, makina, donk and speedcore. This mix includes ADM (Acid Dance Macha) which sounds like a highway driving all over the world.

Joreng the rice cake is a Berlin-based Korean sound artist melding ambient and sound collage genres with techno, trance, IDM, and drum & bass.

DJ Bowlcut is a South Korean DJ / Producer whose love for music saw him develop from an award-winning turntablist to one of Seoul’s most prominent champions of energetic house, euphoric breakbeats, dubby leftfield techno and forward-thinking bass music. His live set is heavily inspired by 90s turntablism with many samples and found sounds. This set sees him play a live mix of self-productions in the style of DIY house, techno, breakbeats and ambient music.

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